Lets be honest - you don't want to be a great job hunter... you just want a great job...now

The second you start thinking about a new job (even if you just got headhunted) there's suddenly endless noise.

"My LinkedIn profile sucks..."

"My profile pic is 15 years old and I've put on 15 kilos since then.."

"Can recruiters access my facebook profile?"

"Do I need an electronic resume (and what the hell is that anyway...)"

"I'm too scared to google myself in case I find something bad...or nothing at all"


In 5 simple emails I'll show you everything you need to know to look great online, put together a killer resume and nail the job.

In addition, I've interviewed experts in many different fields and put together the very best hacks to put this new game to work for you. (Anyone say fiverr....?)

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