What security setting should you use on Facebook (part 2)

What security setting should you use on Facebook (part 2)

This is part 2 of a 2 part post. It shows you how to use the security features that facebook offers to protect your online privacy. This is one of the first steps in making  sure your online reputation is as good as you are. (You can see part 1 here)

Once you have specified who can view your posts in the future, you need to check out what is already in the public domain. The first step is to review all your posts and see the things you’re tagged in.

Go to your timeline and then your photos.

elitereputations facebook information


Take some time here to manually adjust exactly what you want to show up on your timeline and what you don’t.



You want to pay particular attention to posts and photos you are tagged in. Finally, work your way through the rest of your privacy options, limiting who can see your past posts


Once you’ve set up all these permissions, it becomes really important to think carefully about who you allow to become a friend on facebook. It is very easy to just click yes to friend requests but it is wise to curate your facebook friends carefully.

Once you have accepted someone as a facebook  friend, that person will be able to see any information you have selected to be available to friends. It is a good idea and go through your existing friends and remove anyone you don’t know, don’t trust, or don’t want to know information about your private life.






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