Only 4 spots available in each city
(Only 1 left in Brisbane.)

"If trust is the currency of the internet, I'll show you how to tell your story in a way that is like printing $100 notes."


Not telling your story online is like a gladiator heading into the Colosseum in his underwear...

The internet is today's colosseum.  Companies and careers live or die by how they are perceived online.

Fair? Hell no.
But neither were gladiator fights. 

Your customers want you to solve their problem. They want to give you money. But in the "Online Colosseum", they don't know who to trust.  To your customer, you are a 22 year old hacker with a bad haircut, acne and pale skin who desperately wants their credit card details. It's scary!

They feel insecure.

Until they know your story. 

Your story about  why you do what you do

And then suddenly, you become a legitimate gladiator in the ring. They let down their guard, to begin a relationship with you. THEY approach YOU.

But there are certain kinds of stories that resonate louder than any other. PR companies are built on this knowledge.
This is where "Keep Calm and Tell me Your Story" shines. I help people find you online, and then I show them they can trust you.

Over a 4 week period, I work with you to identify and tell your story, and complete align your entire social media presence.

By the end of this course, your online presence will :

  • Tell your clients why you do what you do -and why you are better than your competitors
  • Be YOU on your best day- every day- on the front page of Google and in countless areas of the internet
  • Feature your keywords, and the story that sets you apart
  • Own 3 professionally made  and edited videos that tell your unique story- to be reused again and again
  • Be PR gold and have an optimized LinkedIn profile presenting your unique skills
  • Include all your vanity social media URLS
  • Feature a consistent recognisable profile image that completely syncs with your message and line of sight.


Over the course of 4 weeks, you'll identify your story and craft it online into 'You On Your Best Day'.

I'll bring all your social media into line so they are presenting the very best of you. Then you'll create intro videos (and take professional images) that present you telling the very story that makes you so unique - in a professional, beautifully styled setting.

  • Bring all your social media accounts into line so you know you have one compelling story.
  • Let me guide you in telling your story - the way only YOU can tell it
  • Learn how to PR yourself and own a personalised guide created just for you- to reference back in different real-world scenarios to maximise your exposure
  • Target the media that your customers and clients follow to ensure you reach your ideal clients
  • Create compelling footage to ensure your customers and clients are know why you are the very best fit for them.

This is a premium master class with a maximum of 5 participants.


Still have questions?

Q. Why is this program so special?
A. There is a maximum of 5 clients per intake. It is personalised and individually curated for your exact needs.
Based on the requirements of each client, we book an executive private home for the video and photo session.
A professional, experienced videographer produces your videos. A separate profile photo specialist on my team makes sure your profile pics look great.
We have 3-4 skype calls prior to the event to ensure we curate your story the way you want it.

Q. But I hate talking to camera...

A. The good news is,  you won't be talking to the camera. You'll be talking to me. After 20 years as a story teller ad professional writer, having countless interviews under my belt, my superpower is drawing the really great truths out of YOU.

Q. What if I fluff my video?

A. We do short, simple takes that can be easily edited and we leave plenty of time for re-takes. I've never had a client walk away without the content they expected.

Q. What do I do with all this content we create?

A. That's the best bit. I work with you to develop a 3 month content plan across all your social networks (and targeting your ideal publications and blogs with short professionally developed pitches.) At the end of your masterclass you'll have an exact personalised guide of what to publish, when and where to ensure powerful SEO, branding and customer attraction. Timing is everything and with your new skills, you can identify the correct moment to both initiate media contact and do it professionally to increase your success rate.

Q. What do I ACTUALLY get in my hand by the time I've finished my course?

1. You recieve professional landing page videos of higher quality than virtually all of the content out there online. Your levels of professionalism WILL be in the top 95% of your industry's online content. These can be used on ANY platform and you own and control all publishing rights.
2. You recieve your professional images to consistently use across all your platforms, high res for use in articles and magazine copy- YOU on your best day. You will start to become consistently recognisable across all social media platforms. This is one of the most important steps in establishing your online presence. If you're not a celebrity, you need consistency to be recognisable when someone goes searching.
3. You learn how to PR yourself and you own a personalised guide created just for you- to reference back in different real-world scenarios to maximise your exposure. This is like having a PR person in your back pocket- FOREVER. Fads will come and go but PR basics never change.


“Your brand name is only as good as your reputation"

- Richard Branson

Here's how it works

We do it all for you

Skype session 1: What do you want to achieve?

What is your goal?

We'll discuss who you want to reach and what message you want them to receive 

  • What is your story? Why do your customers want to work with you?
  • What image do you want to project?
  • What Keywords do you want to own?
  • How can you maximise your SEO potential?
  • What are the best ways to tell your stories so they resonate with the right people

LinkedIn and other Social Media Accounts Curated

We'll get all your Social Media accounts telling the same story

We'll curate all your social media accounts to get your online story exactly right.

  • LinkedIn optomised
  • New LinkedIn profile written
  • Google plus perfected
  • Twitter optomised and earning you clients
  • Establish and SEO plan so your story will draw in people with organic search
  • Set up and really use Google Analytics to help make strategic decisions

All your social activity tells a story - make sure it is the one you want it to be.

Public Relations Pitch

Where do you want your story to be published?

As a published author, in this step, I will work with you to identify where you want your story to be told and produce three articles to pitch to them

  • Targetting messages directly to your clients
  • Professional PR service which means you don't have to pitch to publications. Let me do it for you.
  • What is the perfect media vehicle for your story
  • 3 articles written and pitched to your target publications

Story telling day

Professional Video story telling day 

Video session and photo session. Tell us the story that makes you unique. (We combine a small number of clients on the day to


  • We hire an executive residence as a backdrop 
  • professional hair and makeup services if required
  • Relaxed and private recording session
  • Expert videographer 
  • Specialist profile picture photographer

Videos and photos edited 

Professional videos (at least 3 but as many as five) produced with background music and top and tails

  • Background music 
  • top and tails

3 Month Content Plan

I'll develop the exact posting schedule you need to ensure you message hits your target keywords and stays top-of-mind. 
Reach your targets, tell your story and watch your business take off.


    Get your story ready to take off in 2016





    Kathy Wilson is the founder of Elite Reputations, a boutique online reputation management company that specialises in ensuring their clients look as good online as they are offline. Digital reputation is an increasingly powerful business tool.

    Kathy’s team of Australian and international experts each focus on their own specialist area; from LinkedIn and blogging, to style management, social media security and analysis. They co-ordinate and curate these elements to provide a powerful online presence that attracts clients, jobs and opportunities.

    Kathy is an international novelist and a digital storyteller who has many years of experience in getting the real story that makes people want to engage online.

    People google people. Before interviews…..before investor meetings….before dates… And what they find counts. In this presentation, Kathy will show you three simple things you can do that will clean up your digital reputation and help you master the reputation economy.


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