How to use LinkedIn jobs – without your boss knowing

How to use LinkedIn jobs – without your boss knowing

One of the main reasons, people stay from Linkedin when they first start thinking about changing jobs is that they don’t want to tip off their boss and colleagues.

There are 3 easy things you can tweak to help put your mind at ease.

1 Change your permissions. Just making this one simple tweak means that your entire network isn’t notified about each change you make to your profile. Here’s how to use it:

LinkedIn Jobs

Go to settings and privacy


Then select sharing profile edits and toggle to no.













2. Don’t let LinkedIn connections know when you remove a connection with them.

No, LinkedIn doesn’t notify the person you have removed a connection with, but you can still get caught out. Most people keep an eye on who has viewed their profile so you don’t want to remove the connection by going to their profile.

Instead, you want to go to all your connections and remove them from that page – no profile view notifications




3. Use Open Candidates

Last year, LinkedIn introduced Open Candidates which helps solve exactly this issue. Basically, Open Candidates allows you to privately signal to recruiters that you are open to job opportunities. You can select the types of company and roles etc that best suit your needs. Cool huh?

You can find out more about how Open Candidates works here.

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