How to use the best ever tool for writing a resume

How to use the best ever tool for writing a resume

Writing a resumeWriting a Resume or Cover Letter– an awesome free tool

Just in case, you prefer to read a transcript rather than watch it (like me) here it is

,I’m just going to show you the most amazing tool I’ve ever found for creating a resume – and also a cover letter. It is super duper easy.

The secret is this. Go to a site called Canva which you might have heard of. Most people know of it for graphic design for things like social media posts but it is also a perfect tool for this job.

When you first come in, you’ll just have to sign in. Signing up takes barely any time at all. Once you get in, you get sent an email to confirm.

It’s all free, there’s no cost for this. So you’ll see the “create a design” button here. There’s a lot of stuff you can do in Canva which I think is why people don’t know this is a fantastic resume tool. Go into “create a design,” go to the right here and click on More. And then come over here and there’s all these options here, but you want to go up into choose a document, underneath the document heading. And if you’re looking for a cover letter, go into “letterhead” which I’ll go into in a minute. But right now I just want to show you resumes, so go into “Resume.”

And it really is as simple as it looks. There’s no tricks here. You just click and drag and you create a beautifully designed resume in less than a couple of minutes if you’ve got all your words ready.

So all you need to do is take a look over here at these options – these are the templates. You can choose the one that suits your industry and your needs best. I happen to like the look of this one for example, so you click on it, up it comes over here in your workspace, and then you literally drag and drop images in here. So I don’t necessarily like this sent image, so I click on it, delete it, and maybe what I think I want is – I want to change this background image. I go into uploads. These are ones I’ve already uploaded. Put the photo in here, move that over onto here. There’s my photo. Literally go in and click on the name and change it so it becomes Kathy Wilson.

Click on the next button down. And you’ll see, you just literally click on all the information in here. Change phone number to be whatever you want it to be. 61… Make all your changes, put in your email address. So again, you take out the extra data, and it wants to come back in and settle itself.

And center itself. So there’s your thing. In here you can add all this. I won’t change all this now, because I think you get the idea. The main thing was, I wanted to show you how extremely easy it is once you’ve got all your words right.

And then when you’re ready and when you’ve got it all perfect, you go up to the right here and click on download. So you want to download, you choose what you want. I would probably suggest you want a download a pdf of this for print, so click on that. Takes a couple of minutes. Or not even that. And within very short order you’ll get your beautifully, professionally designed resume. It took less than five minutes. It’s downloading now. And off you go – you’ve suddenly got your own professional resume ready to go. I could go into some more detail on the kinds of words and things you can use, but this tool is absolute gold, so…

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