4 tools to get your dream job – in style

4 tools to get your dream job – in style

The job hunt game has certainly changed in the last five years. And will almost certainly change again beyond all recognition in the next 5.

LinkedIn is great and I am the very first person to tell you that you need to get a great LinkedIn profile.

But LinkedIn isn’t the only tool that can help you nail your dream job.

Here’s a few tools to get your dream job –  easier and quicker.

Tool 1 Pocket Resume:

This app allows you to quickly and easily build, maintain and polish your resume – right from your device. It is simple to use – just fill in the details and choose your design, check it and then email it. This isn’t a free app but could well be worth the small investment.

Tool 2 Switch:

Once you’ve got your resume sorted – the obvious goto is Seek but don’t stop there. Take a look at Switch which allows you to browse for jobs and then (like certain other apps), if you are interested, you swipe right. On the other side of the equation, employers and recruiters do the same thing. If there seems to be mutual chemistry, Switch can then start a conversation. This app is free.

Tool 3 Jibber Jobber:

I kinda love this one. It was created by Jason Alba way back in  2006. Like many great innovations, Jason invented it when he couldn’t find useful online tools for job seekers.

JibberJobber is a powerful tool for making sure your job search is organized (one of the big keys to job search success).

The more efficient you are the better the job hunter.

In its simplest form this is basically a contact management system (CMS) that helps you to remember details. Things like what job did you apply for yesterday. And what do you need to do today to follow up.

The other part that I love is that you can use Jibber Jobber to keep track of the companies you are interested as well as the jobs you have gone for and where you are at with each one.

A big part of succeeding at the job hunting game is also about contacts and this app lets you record how strong your relationship is. There is a premium version but the free version should get most job seekers out of trouble.

Tool 4 Job Interview Questions:

Think of this one like warming up your muscles. This app throws questions at you and then talks you through how to answer well.



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