Should you own your own domain?

Should you own your own domain?

In a word. Yes

Taking possession of your own domain e.g. is the cheapest, easiest and smartest step you can take in curating your online reputation.

Here’s why:

Possessing your own domain name means that no one else can use it. Even if you just buy it and never use it, you are ensuring that no one else can use that domain and pretend to be you (or someone related to you) and damage your reputation. It’s a no brainer.

Times are changing fast in the online world and the reputation economy is becoming more powerful every day.

Even if you don’t want to create your own website now (which is a powerful online reputation tool) you have the potential to do it a bit down the track if you change your mind.

To buy your own domain is extremely easy and extremely cheap.

Head to a domain registrar such as or There are dozens of different companies.

Type in the name you want (your name) and see which options are available.

Sometimes .com is available, sometimes and sometimes neither.

If you have a common name, your name may be taken so you may need to think a little laterally about it for example try using your middle initial. Its not perfect, but sometimes you have to work with what you have.

Follow the prompts, pay the fee and keep a record of who you registered with in case you decide to use it down the track.

Here’s a couple of bonus tips:

Pay for Your Domain and Hosting in Advance

Once you secure the name you want, pay for the full five years. 12 months goes around quickly and it is easy to let it lapse.

Keep Your Network Linked and Active by Using your Personal Domain

After you have obtained a domain name, make sure to tie it to your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts. The domain should be considered as the main hub of your network connections. It should be set up so people can go from your social profile at one media site to your domain, and then to another account before returning to the “hub” again.

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