Top 10 Resume Tips for a Killer Resume

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Best resume tips for great resume killer
Resume trends change, as do the resume tips to guide you.

In this blog, we’ll outline the most current top 10 resume tips for a killer modern resume.

Resume Tip #1: Maintain a Job-list Database

Most of us have worked a series of jobs for short durations – whether internships, temp work, or summer gigs – some of which are easily forgettable, but the skills may directly apply to the job you’re interested in. To help streamline your resume-creation process, keep a current database of your work experience and the skills you learned in each position.

Resume Tip #2: Trim the Fat

The above database shouldn’t serve as your resume. You must now pick and choose those experiences that specifically apply. For instance, you don’t need to include that summer you spent babysitting your neighbour’s dog…unless you’re after a dogsitting gig. Essentially, your resume should outline all experience that’s relevant to the specific position, while highlighting the skills that are valuable to this position.

Resume Tip #3: Headline the Top Third

The top third of your resume should highlight your greatest experiences and/or accomplishments, because this upper third will serve as your document’s first impression. Your headlining work should be the most targeted, focused and relevant experiences in your database. The top third will be your hook, so it should entice your audience to continue reading.

Resume Tip #4: Stick by the Classics

Some things don’t change for a reason. Although it’s great to stand out, when it comes to resumes, one area you shouldn’t experiment with is the classic outline of a CV (ie, a one-pager in reverse chronological order). Hiring managers will question a resume that skips around with dates and may grow bored with a long-winded 2+ pager. They will consider excess a waste of their time. Resumes are meant to summarize your experience and highlight the skills that will bag your dream gig, so edit yourself and be concise.

Resume Tip #5: Find the Perfect Template

The web is chock full of resume examples, and you’re sure to find the perfect template that suits your profession and personality. You can either purchase a template or find one for free, so there’s really no excuse for using some boring, bland standard on Microsoft Office. Look for something that will catch the eye of your hiring manager.

Resume Tip #6: Stand Out But Simplify

While you might want to pop, don’t go about it with fifteen different twirly fonts or bold blocks of color. You still want your resume to look clean and professional. Design your resume so that it’s easy on the eyes. Use bold headers and simple fonts like Century Gothic, Arial or Helvetica in readable sizes between 10 and 12. And don’t be afraid of white space. Your resume should read more like a carefully formatted magazine layout than a solid block of newspaper text.

Resume Tip #7: Highlight Your Contact Info

While including your address on your resume has gone out of vogue, you should still highlight your phone number, email address (keep it professional; ie, no “”) and also any LinkedIn or social media account that you want your hiring manager to access. This, of course, means that your social media should be absent of drunk updates, inappropriate photos or extreme political posts.

Resume Tip #8: Showcase Transferrable Skills

If you’re fresh out of university or transitioning into a new field, you may not have a ton of relevant experience to highlight. But don’t let that deter you from applying. Many employers look for candidates with applicable “soft skills” – they want to know that you work well with others and can also lead. If you have transferrable skills from clubs, teams or academia, include them in your resume.

Resume Tip #9: Be Specific

Any great writer will inform you it’s important to “show, not tell,” and this is true of resume writing as well. Be specific in your descriptions, not general or broad. Did you increase productivity by 25%? Did you help boost revenue by $50K? Use facts and figures wherever you can when bullet-pointing. Not only do these statements clarify your accomplishments, but they provide the hiring manager a more tangible feel for what you can do.

Resume Tip #10: Make It Modern

If you’re in an industry that embraces modernization, so should your resume. Consider these resume examples, which offer plenty of options for modernization, even when printed on that oldschool 8 ½ x 11 sheet. Use infographics or design elements you might find on a webpage. But before you go bonkers with creative elements, know your audience. A traditional company may not appreciate a digital-age resume.

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