How to get good part time work

How to get good part time work

How to get great part time work

Here’s the latest tips from Petra Zinc – this time on how to get great part-time work.

Here’s the transcript:

Kathy Wilson:

Last time we talked, we got really great responses, I think people like just the real talk, so my question today this:
“If you want to work part-time, what do you do?”

Petra Zinc:

Well, I think there are a few ways to get into part-time work. By 2020 (which is only like literally a couple of years away) more people will exit from somewhere rather than enter.

As a result, companies are getting already a little bit more flexible when it comes to employee engagement. But there are still some companies that are quite reluctant.

I think there are a few strategies that you can do a straightaway to get into those part-time jobs.

Here are my suggestions:

1. Think small. Literally. Go to smaller companies and organizations because they usually are more flexible. They may be open to engaging staff who just want part time work. Sometimes, they also don’t need a full-time employee straightaway because they don’t have to work or they don’t have the budget.

So, smaller companies is one way to go.

2. Another way to go is to also build up your own business or freelance gig on the sites using platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

You can make a half-time even a full-time gig out of it if you use it properly and if you promote your services there, and you can also create and a customer list from these customers even though you offer an entry-level price service to start with. If you deliver good service you will get repeat business out of it.

Petra Zinc:

Also, think of startups and entrepreneurs and the smaller businesses. These guys may be just one or two people looking for just a little bit of assistance but can’t afford to engage an agency. If you are a marketer or designer, every business needs help with their branding, with their communications, with their digital marketing.

Maybe some just couple of hours will get you in there and also you can step into their network because you need to remember you always step into other people’s network. And even though you may not work with this person again, they would think of you when a friend or a colleague of them asked them “where did you go to create your logo?” for example or “who did your social media?”.

Kathy Wilson:

That all makes lots of sense. How would you make contact with these people about part time work?

Let’s say you don’t have anyone within your network, you don’t have anybody who can immediately ask. How do you break into talking to new people once you’ve identified them using those parameters?

Patra Zinc:

Yeah so networking is definitely the key to again. In person, there are so many network events and also meetup groups that I would definitely go there to put your name out there, connect with people in real worlds.

Then definitely get on LinkedIn and I would even put it in the in the headline or in the short summary that you opened for part-time, or you offering part-time, you’re available for part-time or freelance engagements. Because as a recruiter that’s what I would be looking for straight away.

And then obviously look also at recruiters who are specialized in freelancing and contract work because most of them are also getting the part-time roles.

So, get your network also established with recruiters. It’s definitely helpful!

Kathy Wilson:

Recruiters do get part-time gigs right?

Petra Zinc:

Yeah, not that many, so there’re 1 probably in 20 or something. But usually when they come in you need to fill them quickly. There are also freelance opportunities for a company to start and get you away slowly into the door so you don’t have the commitment at the start.

Kathy Wilson:

Thank you!

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