How the job search game has changed – and how you can use the new rules to get your dream job

How the job search game has changed – and how you can use the new rules to get your dream job

The Job Search Game has changed.

Forget about getting tips of a great resume.  Forget about creating a great cover letter.

Everything in the world of the job search has changed and you need to know about it.

The good news is that not a lot of people understand how the new game works so if you are one of the first, you can get your dream job.

Here’s 5 ways the job search game has changed.

  1. Your resume and cover letter is not going to be read on paper. It is all done via email now which means you need to design with that in mind – with links that take a recruiter right to the places where you shine.
  2. Google is king. Recruiters are now using LinkedIn and google to find the skills they are after. Around 65% of companies are also ensuring that candidates go through a google search process before the interview stage.
  3. Your personal brand matters. Just a short five or ten years ago, the personal brand was barely known outside of marketing circles. No more. Your personal brand is what makes you different and sets you apart. It is made up of your online reputation, your skills and how you come across online.
  4. Social proof matters. Testimonials and endorsements matter. Recruiters look to these things to reduce the risk of hiring you. You want to do everything in your power to show the hiring manager that you are the kind of person, other people are happy to recommend. Before you start job hunting, get some endorsements and recommendations on LinkedIn.
  5. A brief summary of your work experience is good.  For every job on offer these days, there are many canditates. Recruiters don’t have time to dig around to see if you are a good fit. Studies show that the average time recruiters spend looking a t a resume is 30 seconds. Make it count.

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