How to not look dumb on LinkedIn

How to not look dumb on LinkedIn

This is a question I get asked a lot and here’s my easy answer.

And if you you prefer to read rather than watch (or you are at work..) here’s the transcript:


Hi, Kathy Wilson here from Elite Reputations. This week’s tip is another question I get asked a lot, which is: [surely] LinkedIn’s really hard and complicated, I’m scared I’m gonna do the wrong thing, how do I start?

LinkedIn kind of seems overwhelming when you first get started. What a lot of people do is they get up with the basic information in there and then ignore it.

A couple of quick tips…

The first one is get a professional photo. You’ll have mates who’ll say I can take a good photo. Don’t do it. Spend the money. Get a really good photo. Go to a studio if you need to, or somewhere outside depending what your industry is. Pay money, get a professional shot – that’s my very first tip.

For ladies I would suggest getting hair done and makeup. Not so you look like you’re off to a wedding, but just so you look like you – like the best possible version of you.

So the second thing is to really concentrate on your headline. The LinkedIn default one is almost not worth having at all. So pay attention to what your key words are. Put your key words into your headline. Make sure that’s what people who are looking for you are gonna find. So whatever they’re looking for, make sure you’ve got that information right up front.

The third thing is, once you do have a LinkedIn account, it’s sort of a bit scary to start making changes because people know that you get notified. So for example, if you post a new profile picture up, your whole network will potentially get notified of that. You can stop that from happening by going into your security settings and turn off and take control of your security settings in your profile. There’s a link underneath to a step-by-step article that’ll talk you through exactly how to turn on and off those permissions.

Thanks for that – see you next time.

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