How to get the right Linkedin profile picture

How to get the right Linkedin profile picture


Reputation Management - how to get great profile pics


Linkedin photos matter. Some studies show that having a photo on your Linkedin on your profile makes it more than 10 times more likely to be viewed. Not having a photos makes it less likely will send you a request and also less likely that they will accept your invitation.There is often an unspoken assumption that those without a photo without a photo have something to hide.

How then, do you get the right Linkedin profile picture?

Many high level executives that we work with have tried to get good professional photos, been dissatisfied with the results and have by default left up old photos they did like that are up to 10 years old. This does nobody any favours. Getting the right photo for your professional online reputation isn’t hard, it is just requires you to know what you want.

Here are some tips to help you get the photo that will boost your online reputation.

  • Have your photo taken by a professional either in their studio or in your office if they are able to bring lighting and other professional equipment. Don’t succumb to the temptation to have your shots done by a family member or friend who is “good with a camera.” Professional shots require professional photographers.
  • Your profile photo should be a fairly tight head shot. The space allowed for LinkedIn photos is very small and using anything other than a headshot will make it difficult to see your face.
  • Take the time to get your outfit right. The best look for LinkIn is business casual. This means well groomed and well dressed, but approachable.  For ladies, put in the extra time and cost to have hair and makeup done professionally. It all matters. Unless you are a milliner, do not where a hat or anything else that will distract from your face.
  • Make sure the picture looks like you. If you wear glasses usually, wear them in the shot. It is disconcerting to meet someone in real life after seeing their profile picture and not being able to recognise them at all.
  • Most professional photographers will provide you with 2 versions of your shot – one for print and one for web.  Make sure you ask for this.
  • Ensure you photo is as close to square as possible. A square photo is one of LinkedIn’s requirements.

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