How to get a great profile pic – I asked image consultant, Alba Gomez

How to get a great profile pic – I asked image consultant, Alba Gomez

Here’s an interview I did with the ever stylish Alba Gomez. I asked her how to get a great profile pic. This is her advice. Don’t have time to watch the video? There’s a transcript below.

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Interview with Alba Gomez

Elite Reputation:

So tell me your tips you give to clients about getting a great profile picture.

Alba Gomez:

Well I would say one of the most important things you need to take into consideration and think about is – it is a profile picture. It’s not a personal photo that goes on your Facebook that is showing you maybe wearing bathers or with animals, so it needs to be professional because people will form impressions based on that photo – especially if it’s a public profile, LinkedIn or even the Facebook one.

Companies search your profile, so you need to be showing that you are a capable, professional, confident person. So it’s not about changing who you are, but it’s about showing your best self. It’s like imagine you’re going to a ball or a wedding. You’re not just gonna go wearing anything, you’re going to put some effort. And professionally speaking, people make assumptions based on your image. And if you put special attention to what you’re wearing, how you wear it, and how you present yourself it is assumed that that same amount of effort is put into your job, into your task, into whatever you do.

So I would recommend for a profile photo, you go for a professional one. You can be smiling, it doesn’t have to be stiff or anything like that – a professional good quality. And you pay attention, if you’re a woman, to your makeup. Studies show how women who use makeup look more attractive – just because we instantly feel more confident as well. But are professional, and more capable, and taken more seriously.

Everyone needs to put extra attention on their hair. And guys, just go that next step and make sure that maybe you had a haircut or you are just putting that effort into your face and hair are looking your best. And also pay special attention to the clothes that you are wearing close to your face. Everything we wear within this are that is called the “Vital V” – the tip of the shoulders and the front of the chest is noticed – always. And the colors we wear here reflect like a shade into your face. So when you’re wearing the colors that are great for you, you look vibrant, healthier, and even younger. But if you’re wearing colors that are washing you out, you know, you’re not going to be sending that vibe.

So pay attention to what you wear, the colors, the makeup and the hair, and make sure that you’re doing your best in a professional photo. 

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