3 Great LinkedIn Examples

3 Great LinkedIn Examples

When clients contact me asking for help in getting their dream job, I do three things first.

  1. I google them using a few tips and tricks I have picked up along the way to make sure there aren’t any sneaky surprises.
  2. I set up Google Alerts so I’ll know if any sneaky surprises happen after I’ve checked them out.
  3. I look at the LinkedIn profile to get a sense of who they are, how they present.

We’ve written a lot in the passed about how to get a great LinkedIn presence.  We’ve written about how to get a great LinkedIn photo. And how to write a LinkedIn Headline and how to make contact on LinkedIn. But sometimes you just want a little bit of inspiration

So, I’ve scouted around the internet and round up some of what I think are real standouts.

They come from a whole variety of industries but they consistently focus on a point of difference and an attitude of “what I can do for you…”

Some Great LinkedIn Examples (in no particular order

Great LinkedIn Example No 1 – Jackson Van Maanen




Jackson’s headline is clear and easy to understand. I get what he can do and and quite frankly, I want to have a chat – I bet it would be interesting.

Below is Jackson’s summary. Clearly laid out, easy to understand and motivating. Love it!































Great Linkedin Profile Example – No 2 – Catriona Herron Watt





Sure, Catriona is a professional in this field and you’d expect her to have a great LinkedIn presence but even, for all that, this is powerful. Again Catriona is focussed on herself only in relation to what she can do for others.

Even better are the articles written by Catriona.



They are professional but with a personality. In particular, you might well find something in this post that makes the difference between you getting the job and not. (It’ll take you less than 5 minutes – a good pay off don’t you think?)







Great Linkedin Profile Example – No 3 – Mark Lazen

I found Mark from this article (also well worth a look) where Mark is listed as having a “stunningly good profile summary.” This really just reinforces my theory that online, bullet points rock.


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