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The Nature of Reputation has Changed

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Remember when you first learned to do a hill start in a manual car?

There seemed to be at least 54 different things that all had to be done simultaneous just to avoid crashing.

There was the hand-break which had to be released just as the clutch was released and just as you were accelerating (but not too fast.) In addition, you had to be in the right gear and you had to look behind you to avoid crashing. Good to look in front to as who knows when a power pole will jump out at you. Oh, and you need to indicate. All at the same time.

Managing online reputation is a lot like that. It can feel overwhelming and feel like you have a better than even chance of crashing.

Profile pics, analysis, keywords, linkedIn, domain control, Twitter, writing…..there’s lots of pieces to the puzzle that make a person look great online. It can easily become overwhelming.

But unlike driving. You don’t have to do it all yourself.

Imagine for a moment that when you were learning to drive, I gave you one of the best gear changers in the world. All that person does all day is change gears. He is absolutely awesome at it. You could forget about changing gears and concentrate on the other things, right?

And then, I gave you a clutch expert. And a world expert in indicating….

Suddenly driving isn’t so hard…

Our experts have taken years to develop their skills, and they work with you to make sure your gear changes are smooth and seamless.

Suddenly all you have to do is sit there and look good.

My clients get the very best people in the world working on their profile so that they look every bit as good online as they do offline.

Make the Reputation Economy work for you

My husband and I recently visited Melbourne  as part of a corporate bike ride. It was the first time we had been there since our honeymoon 16 years ago. After several hours enjoying Melbourne’s European chic, we decided at the last minute to take up a recommendation from a friend to eat at one of Melbourne’s latest hot restaurants.

Not only were we able to get a table, we were escorted to a window table and offered a complementary glass of champagne each. (Which as it happens, my husband has a keen interest in).

A lucky coincidence? No – this was exactly the opposite.

It was the Reputation Economy at work…..

Turns out the restaurant that we had picked was the sister restaurant of our local favourite restaurant in Brisbane and the two restaurants shared data..

The system had recognised my husband’s phone number. It knew it was a regular, premium customer. It knew that he enjoyed champagne (and as it happens that he is a good tipper.)

As soon as he called, he was immediately flagged him as a premium customer and of course they treated him as such. The window table effect at work…..

Data is everywhere – and technology is now making it easy to put it all together

Reputation Management has crossed over from the realm of the professional into the personal and it is starting to count everywhere.

Your online reputation is being assessed:

  • before a business meeting
  • before a client briefing
  • before a date
  • just after a networking function where you handed out your business card.

What we do

Elite Reputations has an international team of high calibre experts. We contract the very best in the world; from award-winning stylists and  photographers to professional copywriters and storytellers to offer a complete suite of services to ensure your online reputation delivers exactly how it should.

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