Stop wasting everyone’s time by applying for jobs online….and what you should do instead

Stop wasting everyone’s time by applying for jobs online….and what you should do instead

Applying for jobs online? Don’t bother.

First the bad news

Less than 30% of all new jobs are ever advertised.

It’s a sucky deal but its the way it is.

This one, simple fact means that just about everyone is applying for jobs the wrong way.

Sure. Applying for jobs online makes you feel like you are doing something.

“Go Me! I applied for 3 jobs today,” you can say at the end of another miserable day. “I’m putting myself out there. I’m active…. Sure I applied for 10 jobs last week and heard nothing back, but sooner or later something has to give.

“Nope – statistically speaking. Something is very unlikely to give.

The online job application system is in most cases a huge black hole that sucks down applications and eats them.

The news gets worse

Also according to most experts, the more senior the position, the less likely the job is to be advertised.  In fact, according to some reports, only 3% of people who apply on line even get a call back. That’s a 97% failure right.

Bummer right?

The news you were waiting to hear.

No. You aren’t stuck in your less-than-lovely job until you are old and grey. (And incidentally, if you are already old and grey – please don’t think you are stuck either. There are some brilliant tips you can use to show you are more than up to the task.

Did you ever hear the saying “if you the mountain won’t come to Muhammad – Mohammad must come to the mountain?”

Same deal with job hunting.

Don’t keep doing the same old same old – applying for jobs and not hearing anything.

Here’s what you do instead…

Take your job search to the employer.

Here are some practical steps you can take

  1. Don’t wait for the jobs to be advertised. Find the job you want. Learn everything you can about that job. That company. That decision maker. And take your bag of tools straight to him or her.

2.  Contact employers directly.

Yes it is scary. It is certainly much more scary than hiding behind a job application portal (slash blackhole)

But I’m continually amazed by how rarely people reach out to people at places they’d like to work unless they see positions that have already been advertised.

The kind of person you want to work for, is the kind of person who is open to innovative thinkers.They are always interested in meeting professionals who can help their employers make or save money.

So find out who the hiring manager is . Then take the next step. and be bold. Send them an email or call to introduce yourself. Explain your background and how you could add value to their organisation.

Not sure how to find them? LinkedIn is a great tool to use to research who the decision maker is and then, if that suits your strategy,  to get introduced to the decision maker by one of your connections on the social network. You’re more likely to get your target’s attention if you get referred to him or her.

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