Free Cover Letter tool

Free Cover Letter tool

Here’s a free cover letter tool.

Today I’d like to show you how to create a really great cover letter design that goes along with your resume. Anybody who’s been following me for awhile now knows that I think cover letters are, if not as important, very close to as important as the actual resume.

You can read more about how to write a cover letter here.

So the design is really important – words are obviously key, but design is also critical.

So what I’d like you to do is to just go into Canva – this is a design web site so just sign into

When you first go in, you’ll have to sign up. It’ll take less than ten seconds – really super duper easy. And then you come into your homepage. What I’d like you to do, is take a look at where it says “create a design” I’ve already talked though how to create a resume, and we’ve had a bit of a play around with those. I’d like you to go into “create a design” and you see all these different options along here. They’ll be different when you first come in, so you might not have these to click on. So just ignore all these – go to “more.” And underneath “more” you’ll see “documents.” And underneath “documents” you’ll see “letterhead.”

So this is the perfect tool for a cover letter and for designing a cover letter, for it to go with your resume. So you go in here and off to the side, you’ll find all the different options that they could possibly want. You just want to choose whatever it is that appeals to you. Obviously you want to make sure that it fits in with your resume, if you’ve got a funky resume you can do a bit of a funky photo or funky letterhead.

But let’s say you just want to go with this one, and you like the design of that. All you have to do come in, and basically every part of it is editable. So if you don’t like that design, you can get rid of it just by pressing on the trash button. Same deal here – if you don’t like that, you can get rid of that. So go in here, change your words, to be Elite Reputations

So you literally go in, change your wording, obviously writing your words designed exactly for that job that you’re going for. A stock/standard letter that you just send out to everybody will get put in the bin, which is where it deserves to get put.

So you come in here, change the words to “I am the best person for this job because…” Perhaps this is not the most brilliantly thought out letter yet, but again, I’ve got some other posts on exactly how you write your cover letter. But let’s assume you’ve finished our cover letter now. You just go up and download up in the top right, so finish all that off. Go to “download.” In “download” you want the image to go to “pdf for print” so click on that. Give it about I’d say ten seconds, and you’ll have your download of your cover letter ready to go. And here it is downloading down here. Open it up… And there’s your beautiful cover letter, completely ready to go. Easy, professional, super duper slick.

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