Crystal Knows – a great tool for writing cover letters

Crystal Knows – a great tool for writing cover letters

A great tool for writing cover letters

We write a lot about how to write cover letters. We’ve looked at specific techniques that are useful for certain industries as well as tricks we recommend  and things you should avoid doing.

But when it comes right down to it a great cover letter is just great communication.

“You have a problem – I’m the best person to solve it.”

But as I learned during my degree, communication is just transmission of a message between two parties. And no matter how spectacular your message is, it can be rendered completely useless if there is a blockage with either party.

Theory of Communcation-_Google_Search


Basically, people communicate differently and those differences can block the message.

Which is why I was introduced to review a new product that came across my desk recently, Crystal Knows. Their tagline is “People Communicate Differently. We’ll help Translate.”

Here’s how it works:

Crystal Knows develops a profile for anyone who has a LinkedIn account. It then uses their past activity (their blog posts, public Facebook comments,  tweets and information we all leave behind us on the internet) to suggest to the user how to communicate with them effectively.

If you use their premium feature, Crystal will help you write emails to people you’ve never me. It will suggest you use a tone and language that the details of their online presence suggests will resonate.

It might just give you the edge and get you that job interview!


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