Here’s a good cover letter sample

Here’s a good cover letter sample

I am regularly asked how to write a cover letter and my response is usually that most of them are  “meh.” They tick the boxes but barely.

This one came across my desk today and it is so good in so many ways, I thought I’d post it as is (with just a few changes made to protect the (very clever) individual who wrote it.

Cover Letter Sample 1

“Dear Ms James,

I would like to discuss the position you wish to fill. I have attached my CV as required but I have also spent some time investigating your company to determine if there is something which would allow me to add value.

I realise that my CV will be similar to a number of  other candidates so when we meet, I’d like to put 5 minutes aside for me to quickly present 2 things:

(1) an issue  I noticed regarding  your consumer feedback and

(2) an opportunity that a number of your customers have identified.

Regardless of the result of the interview, I’d be happy to leave this information with you.

I look forward to our meeting.

Yours sincerely

Erica Jones

Cover Letter Sample 2

( When you are looking for Work after you’ve taken time off)

Dear Mr Smith:

With  more than eight  years of experience in teaching primary school and a degree in Biology, I believe I am a good fit to  fill the biology teaching position that I understand has opened up with the retirement of the wonderful Annabel Paris.

I gained expensive experience working at The Gap High School in Brisbane before my family moved to this area around eight years ago.

When we moved into this area, I was pregnant with my first child and now that my third child has started school himself, I am very keen to rejoin the workforce.

Although I have been focused on my family these last few years, I have made sure my skills remain relevant by reading and attending conferences hosted by the Queensland Education Department. I have also volunteered extensively at Communify and have tutored all levels of students/

I love living here and look forward to raising my children in this community.  

Please review my attached resume for further details.

 I will be in touch with your office early next week to schedule and interview.


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