Time to Change Jobs? You Need These Apps for job hunters

Time to Change Jobs? You Need These Apps for job hunters

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Apps for job hunters.

Transitioning to a new job or career?  Use technology to your advantage. All the software and gadgets that have been ushered in by the digital age make it easier than ever to live. But they also make it easier to search, prepare and apply for jobs that fit your personality and what you want to accomplish in life.

Wondering where to start? Start here, with these seven job search-related apps.

Decide What Job Suits You

Perhaps you’re in a career that you hate. You need to get on a whole new track, but you have no idea where your passion lies. iPQ Career Planner will help you with that. Career Planner’s 52-question quiz identifies your strengths and weaknesses. It then offers suggestions on how to improve upon them. It also provides you with the job and career recommendations that best suit you. Those who are transitioning to a new job or career will benefit greatly from this app.

Search for a Job

Once you’ve found the job or career that fits, it’s time to search for an opening. CareerBuilder, the job-searching website, offers a powerful mobile app. This app allows you to search by company, location or keyword. When you’ve plugged in or shown interest in a specific job, similar jobs will be recommended to you.  No matter where you are, you can be searching for work. As you’re keeping a watchful eye out for job opportunities, you’ll be one of the first applicants to get his foot in the door. Not only can you search for jobs, you can apply with two taps of a finger. You can also review your application history and save jobs to review later at your leisure. All resumes, cover letters, and the jobs you’ve applied to or saved will sync with your CareerBuilder account.


This free app will allow you to network with professionals in your field. LunchMeet is inspired by the book written by Keith Ferrazzi, entitled Never Eat Alone. The app works through the professional networking site, LinkedIn. It allows you to list a time and location for your availability to meet up. That way, others can connect with you, and you can seek out those in your area who are free for coffee, drinks or – you guessed it – lunch! When you meet, you can glean advice from stellar professionals, entrepreneurs and consultants. It is a good way to set goals for your career, keep your ear to the ground about relevant job opportunities or even talk your way into a new job! Use the app’s messaging feature to set up a meeting. 

Stay Organised

When you’re job searching, you need to make sure you aren’t wasting time.  JibberJobber will help you do that. It keeps an unorganised job hunt organised. It enables you to make note of all the companies you’ve applied to and the particular job you’ve put in for there. In addition, it also tracks the application process, including whether you’ve submitted a resume, the date and location of your interview, whether or not you need to send a thank you, etc. JibberJobber is also a good networking tool. It tracks everyone in your network, your relationship with each person and how they may be associated to the companies you’ve applied to.

Craft Your CV

You’ve found and organised your job search, now you need to craft your resume. Pocket Resume is an app that helps users create a well-crafted resume straight from your mobile device. The app renders a PDF of your CV, formatting it with a professional design and layout. You can then send it to your prospective employers straight from your smartphone, so you can work on landing that dream job from anywhere on earth, whether you’re on the road, at a café or at the job you currently hate.

Improve Your Writing

When you’re applying for jobs your writing matters.  You must write a stellar CV, cover letters, and correspondence, so if you’re not a great writer, you’re unlikely to impress those prospective employers. Most writers need an editor to take a look over their work and catch those stray commas and misspellings. But now, there’s an app for that.

Using a “readability” grading system, the Hemingway app spots and revises adverbs, passive voice and sentences that are convoluted or hard to read sentences. It also offers alternative phrases and word recommendations that will hopefully make your writing more eloquent and concise; more readable. The app is said to make your writing “bold and clear,” like Hemingway’s.

Prepare for Your Interview

When you’ve finally got your foot in the door, the Job Interview Questions and Answers app will help. It helps you prepare for the tough part: the questions. The interactive video app is basically a mock interview, allowing you to prepare for the most difficult questions that may be thrown your way. The app will ask you a question and record your interview answer, allowing you to watch yourself as you answer the mock interviewer. Not only will you be able to spot all your nervous ticks and your “ums” and “ers,” but you’ll see how you can better formulate your answers to these questions. You can also watch videos of professional interview coaches answering the same curveballs.

Stay organised in your job search. Prepare perfect cover letters and CVs.  Practice and improve your interview skills and land the job of your dreams. With these seven apps, your job search will be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Click.

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