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An open letter to every woman who has ever accepted a job that was beneath you - just because it was part-time. That game stops today...

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Most women I speak to still think of great part-time jobs as mythical unicorns. Mysterious things, they hear others talk about but never get to see for themselves. 

But that's all changing.

The new economy is bringing with it different ways of working and forcing employers to get with the program.

Job-sharing and part-time work is a hot trend - and getting hotter. Part-time work, has risen from about 15 per cent of all jobs in the 1980s to more than 30% today.

 For those people ready to jump on it the part-time/flexible work wagon is going to be a dream come true.  



What if I told you there was a secret to getting an awesome part-time job IN ANY INDUSTRY? That the great part-time jobs don't go to the super talented, the super blessed, or the women with the thinnest thighs. 


Nope. They go to the candidates who know the new job-hunting rules.  

And use them.  

With these new rules and tools you can get a part-time job that:

Pays you what you are worth

Is flexible

Allows you to regain your work/life balance

Here's just some of the things you'll learn

Why applying for a job online is the worst thing you can do.

And exactly what to do instead.

How to use LinkedIn like a pro for part-time work

Without your boss knowing

How to get your c.v. to stand out from the rest

For the right reasons.

How to pitch yourself like a human

Not a robot.

How to make your own perfect job

And stop waiting around for it to fall in your lap.

The new trend that can change everything you even thought about part-time work.

And put you on the front foot.

You Might Be Wondering...

Who made this guide?

My name is Kathy Wilson and I get women headhunted. I know that starting a job search can push everyone single, insecure button you have. I have a plan for you to follow that is simple and easy and will get you a new, awesome job in 4 weeks or less. You can check it out here - it's called “The World’s Most Real Guide to getting a part-time job that isn’t crap and pays what you deserve.”

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